Monday, January 24, 2011

Cards 4 Cancer

I'm SOOO excited to be able to share this new project with you! Here's the story:

Last week, my hubby forwarded an email he received at work about a project called Cards 4 Cancer. Their goal is to brighten the days of those undergoing treatment for cancer by simply giving them a card to let them know someone cares. Locally, the organizer I'm working with made over 1000 cards with the help of 4 others last year! Pretty amazing! I was ready to jump on board, but I need your help.

There are several ways you can be involved.

1. If you are crafty, make some of your own cards to donate! In the past, there have been groups all over the US making, donating, and delivering cards.

2. Participate in my Get One, Give One promotion from now until March 1. For $3, you will get any card I have in stock, and I'll give a card to Cards 4 Cancer. (The $3 includes shipping to you!)

3. Wanna give more? For each $1 you give to Cards by Jessica, I will make and donate a card to Cards 4 Cancer. (You can donate through Paypal- just send it to You can also give your donation directly to me if you are local.)

Here we go! 50 cards? 100 cards? 250 cards? Keep me busy!

To order, please email me at You can find the cards I currently have in stock in my Facebook albums. Look for the caption that gives the card number (Example: Baby #5). Simply email me with the cards you want and your mailing address, and they'll be on the way! I'll send you an invoice via Paypal.

Oh, and here's a sneak peek of what the cards I'm donating will look like-

I will keep you updated as I learn more this year. Questions? Please ask!

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