Thursday, December 30, 2010


I got two wonderful new books this month- The Best of Papercrafts Magazine (I "helped" my husband order this for me for Christmas) and The Best of Card Creations (thanks to a great coupon and gift card I had been holding on to at Borders). I snuggled up on the couch the other night and tagged some ideas and layouts I want to play with.
That might keep me busy for a while! Anyone wanna babysit an adorable 1 year old so I actually have time to try these ideas? :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year!

My wise mother has stopped sending out Christmas cards. Instead, she sends out New Year's cards. (Or sometimes mid-February cards... you know how that goes!) Anyway, this year she asked me if I would make some cards for her. Of course! And, since they were New Year's cards, that allowed me to procrastinate a little and get my cards done too. :) They were actually a card that I had already designed, but I think they are perfect for winter cards. Would you like some of your own? I'd love to make more for you! Just email me at with your request.
Best wishes to all of you for a peaceful 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Cards

To be honest, my favorite, favorite, favorite cards to make are Christmas cards. Love them! If I have a good idea or even extra time, I'll make them year round. I love sending them, and I love receiving them.

But, most of my friends know I do a lot of cardmaking and that I make my own cards. So, the pressure's on! Each year, I have to create something unique and (slightly) impressive. Plus, since I'm making multiples, they also have to be easy, quick, and easy on the budget.

Here's what I came up with this year- I love the simplicity of it, but I also like that it has a little "bling."
And, I recently received a sweet thank you card from a friend that had the same concept as the wreath, but she used them as flowers with a different patterned paper in the center. Adorable! I think I might have to steal that idea from her!

Birthday Banner

A few weeks ago, my sweet baby girl turned ONE! Where has this year gone? We had her birthday party at our church, and I needed some easy decorations that I could easily hang and take down. I saw some birthday banners at a fall craft show, and decided to tackle one. A pack of paper and a spool of ribbon later, here's what we had:
It really turned out cute! Here are a couple of close-up pictures:

I think that these easy and fun banners might be a staple for all our parties now!


Why a blog? To be honest, I'm not sure. It's not like I need one more thing on my plate right now. Here's what I do know- I love to create, especially cards, and I love to share my creations. So, perhaps this will be a tool that I can share more effectively what I'm doing.

I also hope that I can be a part of the amazing blog world of crafters. I get so much inspiration from seeing what others do- it definitely challenges me to grow in my crafting.

Stay tuned for ideas, projects, and, of course, new cards! You can also follow me on Facebook at

Until next time...