Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Cards

To be honest, my favorite, favorite, favorite cards to make are Christmas cards. Love them! If I have a good idea or even extra time, I'll make them year round. I love sending them, and I love receiving them.

But, most of my friends know I do a lot of cardmaking and that I make my own cards. So, the pressure's on! Each year, I have to create something unique and (slightly) impressive. Plus, since I'm making multiples, they also have to be easy, quick, and easy on the budget.

Here's what I came up with this year- I love the simplicity of it, but I also like that it has a little "bling."
And, I recently received a sweet thank you card from a friend that had the same concept as the wreath, but she used them as flowers with a different patterned paper in the center. Adorable! I think I might have to steal that idea from her!

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