Friday, April 29, 2011

I Need Your Help!

I'm super frustrated right now, and I need your help!

Here's the situation: I've got lots of great cards, tags, and now gift tins to sell. So, I need a place to sell them. I do several craft shows throughout the year, and that works out pretty well. I've done some in-home card parties, and those are a blast! I tried an Etsy shop for a while, and it was... okay. I tried a free store on Facebook, and it's been a pain! (As of right now, my store seems to have disappeared. I'm working on trying to find it.) I'm looking for some sort of venue to showcase my products, but not pay an arm and a leg to promote them.

I've thought about going back to Etsy, but with the fees, I'd have to mark my cards up 50 cents each to stay on top. I've never had issues with the site, and it's pretty user-friendly from both ends.

I've thought about just posting my products in Facebook albums. To purchase, you'd just comment on the photo, and then I'd receive the notification. This would obviously be free, so I'd be able to keep my prices where they are. The downside- no shopping cart attached. After the buyer would comment, I'd have to write up and send an invoice. (Which really isn't all that difficult, but it does prolong the process.)

So, what are your thoughts? What would be the easiest way for you to shop? Would you be willing to pay more if I went back to Etsy? Is it too complicated to comment on the photos? Do you know of any other affordable (ideally free) storefronts that you've had good success with?

I'm anxious to hear your suggestions. I'll let you know what I come up with!

PS- I'll do a random drawing from the comments I receive (on topic and helpful, please) and give away a pack of cards for your help.


  1. I've created a store on e-crater (FREE!) but I actually put it on hold until I can create things to sell--I need to earn some money for my missions trip to Swaziland in August! I'd have to look through the legal agreement gain to be 100% sure, but I think it's a totally free storefront.

  2. Hi there,
    I don't know how it's done but I've seen some people sell their hand made items right from their blogs....just something for you to look into and have as an additional option. good luck, your cards and tins look AMAZING. thanks

  3. go to, listings are free, and when you make a sale, they'll only deduct 3%. You can also go to eCRATER,, - these are handmade marketplaces. Good luck to you

  4. Here are my thoughts: I think you really have a talent for what you do; I love so many of your cards. With that said, I would definitely be willing to pay more if you went to Etsy. I already thought your prices were pretty low, so even 50 cents more, is more than reasonable.
    Also, I agree you could sell these just off of a blog. You could do a lot of PR work; espically by contacting other women with blogs and seeing if they'd do a giveaway of your product. There are so many great blogs out there and if you did enough giveaways, I'm sure you could increase the traffic to your own blog and therefore, increase sales.
    Just some thoughts! Good luck with whatever you do!

  5. I would definitely pay more if you were using Etsy. I think that site offers many advantages. You can join "circles" and "teams" (I think that is what they are called) or be featured in tresuries. All of those things will help to get your name out there. :) I'd add your store to my favorites list, I love your cards!

  6. Have you had any success since posting this request for advice? I am trying to do the same thing but I make scrapbooks as well.

  7. Nicole-

    Actually, I've ended up just sticking with Payvment on Facebook. We have had LOTS going on in our life lately, and I just haven't had the time to invest in checking out other options. But, I think some of the comments were great suggestions! :) Good luck to you!