Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun things!

A few weeks before Christmas, I saw an ad somewhere for this. I love the look of stitching on cards, but I don't have a sewing maching, nor did I really want to make that big of an investment for a few cards. So, on to my Christmas wish list went the Sew Easy. And, down to Archiver's went my hubby to get one. (He follows directions well!) The problem: they were out of stock. I had to wait an entire month after Christmas to get one! But, I am now the proud owner of a Sew Easy. And, I'm having fun playing with it. It does take some practice, but I'm getting better. And, here's my first card made with it- And, I saw these fun flowers yesterday and had to try them out as well. My hubby says "How does that fit in an envelope?" I was definitely thinking about cute over practical. It doesn't fit in an envelope, but who cares! It's still very cute. :) Both of these cards (and lots more!) are available here.

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